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Arc Guiding, Gripping and Sealing Device for a Magnetically Impelled Butt Welding Rig

Autoren:Hassel, T. ; Varahram, A. ; Baer, F. ; Mitulla, S. ; Lehr, J. ; Overmeyer, L. ; Wohlgemuth, L. ; Bach, F.-W.
Veröffentlichung:United States Patent Application Publication, Pub Date: 18. April 2013; Filed 14.10.2011, US 2013/0092665 A1


A magnetically impelled arc butt (MIAB) welding device positioned on the rig floor heats facing ends of a pair of wellbore tubulars. After the facing ends are heated and / or melted, a force application device compressively engages the facing ends to form a welded Joint.