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Automated misalignment compensating interconnecs based on self-written waveguide

Autoren:Gunther, A.; Schneider, S.; Rezem, M.; Wang, Y.; Gleissner, U.; Hanemann, T.; Overmeyer, L.; Eduard Reithmeier, E.; Rahlves, M.; Bernhard Roth, B.;
Kategorie:Zeitschriften/Aufsätze (reviewed)
Veröffentlichung:Journal of Lightwave Technology, Volume: PP, Issue: 99, Page 1 – 1. IEEE.


Optical interconnects are key components for integrated optics to link photonic integrated circuits (PICs) or to connect external elements such as light sources and detectors. However, misalignment of the optical elements contained and its compensation is a remaining challenge for integrated optical devices. We present a novel method to establish rigid interconnects based on a 2-wavelength self-written waveguide process which automatically compensates for misalignment. We exemplarily demonstrate the capability of our process by writing interconnects between two multimode fibers as well as hot embossed integrated polymer waveguides and a bare laser diode chip. The coupling efficiency of the interconnects obtained is analyzed with respect to misalignment. We found that coupling losses are as low as 1.3 dB if a lateral misalignment lies within a 10μm interval, which is achieved by commercially available pick-and-place machines. Our approach is easily combined with high-throughput techniques such as hot embossing and enables low-cost production of interconnects even for mass fabrication in future applications.