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Production of Optoelectronic Systems

Art der Vorlesung: Vorlesung/Übung
Semester: Wintersemester
Studium: Hauptstudium / Master
Betreuer: Uliana Dudko
Alexandra Skubacz-Feucht
Dozenten/Professoren: Prof. Dr.-Ing. L. Overmeyer
Raum/Ort: PZH, An der Universität 2, Garbsen
Vorlesung: Seminarraum 1a+b
Übung: Seminarraum 1a+b
Termin siehe StudIP


Students have gained knowledge about product manufacturing techniques of semiconductor

components and Microsystems. The focus is on the back-end-process, the production and cutting of

wafers. Techniques like the machining of wafers, bonding (die-, wire-, flip-chip-), Burn-In and packaging of components with special consideration of optoelectronical components will be taught.

Furthermore, application-specific assembly techniques as well as methods for integrating electronical and microtechnological systems will be dealt with.


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