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Today, optronics constitutes a key element for the integration of microelectronic and optical systems into mechanical components. Here, the main focus of the ITA is laid on the fabrication and integration of optical structures concerning communication, sensor and energy supply. Moreover, the implementation of wireless sensor technology (i.e. optical or by means of RFID) is investigated.

Optical technologies

Optical communication structures are superior to electrical ones in many ways. Lower weight, high bandwidth and insensitivity to interference are just three examples.

In collaboration with the Hannoverschen Zentrum für optische Technologien and Laserzentrum Hannover, the ITA is developing a process for the integration of optical waveguides into mechanical components. The research is focused on the dispension of optical waveguides and their characterization as well as optical energy supply.

The medium-term aim is the production of optical conductors using offset and flexographic printing. This would make area-wide use of optical technology possible, for example, as a sensor system for determining deformations.

Flip chip and wire bonding

The ITA has broad experience in bonding microchips using UV or thermosetting adhesives as well as ultasonic and thermosonic wire bonding. For this, we provide consulting on the content, the development of prototypes and the production of small quantities.