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Tailored Light – Intelligent photoelectric surface made of light emitting modules

Bild zum Projekt Tailored Light - Intelligente photoelektrische Oberfläche aus lichtemittierenden Modulen
Duration:01/2017 – 01/2020
Funded by:Lower Saxony
Brief description:The progress over the last decades in miniaturizing chips, wireless data transfer technologies and low-power consumption electronic devices has made it possible to design component-integrated autonomous sensors. These networks have a big potential for widespread use in maintenance prediction of manufacturing equipment, in intelligent building management systems and energy saving smart grids.
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Bild zum Projekt LinTrans-Transfer
Duration:04/2017 – 12/2019
Funded by:DFG
Brief description:Development of a demonstrator for a directly propelled transport system using a linear motor.
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LaPOF – Laser active polymer optic fibers

Bild zum Projekt LaPOF - Laseraktive Polymeroptische Fasern
Funded by:European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
Brief description:The LaPOF project aims to research technological foundations for innovative laser-active polymer optical fibers as well as their production.
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SFB 1153 – A4 Local adaptation of material properties on forming blanks by weld cladding to produce graded hybrid components

Bild zum Projekt SFB 1153 – A4 Lokale Anpassung von Werkstoffeigenschaften an Umformrohlingen durch Auftragsschweißen zur Erzeugung gradierter hybrider Bauteile
Duration:07/2015 – 06/2019
Funded by:DFG
Brief description:The sub-project is aimed at the manufacture of novel hybrid components from material combinations. This is where local, load-dependent property profiles are imprinted on the components. In order to achieve this, materials are applied to forming blanks by means of build-up welding. The material quantity and position are crucial for the targeted placement of the materials through forming.
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Setup of an active drop tower

Bild zum Projekt Aufbau eines aktiven Fallturms
Funded by:German Research Foundation (DFG) and Lower Saxony state gouvernment
Brief description:As part of the establishment of the Hannover Institute of Technology (HITec), an active drop tower, the Einstein-Elevator is being set up by the Institute of Transport and Automation Technology (ITA). The design, development and construction of the facility are being carried out in collaboration with the Center for Quantum Engineering and Space-Time Research (QUEST). The aim is to be able to carry out experiments under conditions or weightlessness, but also under different gravity conditions such as those on the Moon or Mars.
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Automatable method for splice preparation of steel cord conveyor belts by means of beam technology

Bild zum Projekt Automatisierbare Methode zur Verbindungsvorbereitung von Stahlseil-Fördergurten mittels Strahlverfahren
Duration:01/2017 – 12/2018
Funded by:AiF, IFL
Brief description:The automation of splice preparation of steel cord conveyor belts is currently being researched at the Institute of Transport and Automation Technology (ITA) in collaboration with the Subaqueous Technical School of the Institute of Materials Science (IW). This is to enable the consistent quality of the connection as well as an increase in strength. This reduces operators’ risk of possible downtimes and the associated costs. An increase in strength also enables increased mass flows and therefore increases the productivity of the system.
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Mittelstand 4.0 competence center Hannover

Bild zum Projekt Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentrum Hannover
Funded by:Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
Brief description:The “Mit uns digital! Das Zentrum für Niedersachsen und Bremen” is the first of eleven centers that are currently being developed throughout Germany to support medium-sized enterprises and craftsmen’s businesses in their digital transformation with well-prepared information, examples and qualification.
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HYMNOS – Hybrid Numerical Optical Simulation

Bild zum Projekt HYMNOS - Hybrid Numerical Optical Simulation
Duration:10/2015 – 09/2018
Funded by:Lower Saxony
Brief description:Numerical methods for the calculation of light distributions in optical media can profit significantly from current trends in computer technology. The aim of this project is therefore the combination of different modeling approaches on different temporal and spatial scales. For this purpose, different aspects from interdisciplinary subject areas in physics and engineering sciences are investigated using models.
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New drive concept for belt conveyor systems on the basis of directly driven load-bearing rollers

Bild zum Projekt Neuartiges Antriebskonzept für Gurtfördersysteme auf der Basis von direkt angetriebenen Tragrollen
Duration:05/2016 – 04/2018
Funded by:AIF, IFL
Brief description:The aim of this research project is the abolition of the current economic and technical length restrictions for belt conveyor systems in the area of mining and surface mining through the use of propelled load-bearing rollers.
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OPTAVER – Research group optical assembly and connection technology for optical bus systems

Bild zum Projekt  OPTAVER - Forschergruppe optische Aufbau- und Verbindungstechnik für optische Bussysteme
Funded by:DFG
Brief description:The research focus of the sub-project TP1 of the research group OPTAVER is the conditioning of flexible substrates for the application of optical waveguides.
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Grid-supported fiberglass melting coupler for selective transversal mode coupling

Bild zum Projekt Gitterunterstützter Glasfaserschmelzkoppler zur selektiven Transversalmodenkopplung
Duration:03/2016 – 02/2018
Funded by:DFG
Brief description:The principle and the manufacture of a novel transversal mode-selective fiber fusion coupler is to be explored in this research project funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). With selective mode coupling, different modes can be used as individual transmission channels, thus increasing the transmission bandwidth proportionally to the number of used modes. An essential feature of the new coupler is the selective transversal mode coupling by means of optical lattice.
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TRR 123 PlanOS – B01 Offset and inkjet printing of multimode waveguides

Bild zum Projekt TRR 123 PlanOS – B01 Offset und Tintenstrahl-Drucken von Multimode-Wellenleitern
Duration:01/2013 - 12/2017
Funded by:DFG - Transregio 123
Brief description:How can optical waveguides be printed? Professors and young researchers from Freiburg and Hanover are trying to answer this question. The sub-project B01 has the task of producing multimodal waveguides for high light output with a width of ten to several hundred microns. The advantages of two printing procedures are used to do so: flexographic printing with high throughput and low cost, and inkjet printing with a large variability and high resolution.
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TRR 123 PlanOS – A05 Optodic bonding of electro-optically integrated circuits on film substrates

Bild zum Projekt TRR 123 PlanOS – A05 Optodisches Bonden elektkro-optischer integrierter Schaltkreise auf Foliensubstraten
Duration:01/2013 - 12/2017
Funded by:DFG - Transregio 123
Brief description:If one imagines a film as a sensor network with fully integrated optical functionalities for collecting various physical values, e.g. temperature, pressure and humidity, then light sources and detectors have to be integrated in the film and also have to be connected to the outside world. In this project, the issue of how the light sources and detectors can be incorporated into the film or be contacted with it are studied. To do so, adhesives that cure using UV light and eutectic bonding are used, where metal layers are bonded together at low temperatures.
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