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Optoelectronic integration of radio frequency communication systems in metal components

Optoelectronic integration of radio frequency communication systems in metal components

Kategorien Beiträge in Büchern
Jahr 2017
Autorinnen/Autoren Dao Q. H.; von der Ahe C.; von Witzendorff P.; Overmeyer L.; Geck B.
Veröffentlicht in In: Denkena, B.; Mörke, T.: Cyber-Physical and Gentelligent Systems in Manufacturing and Life Cycle, Elsevier, 1st Edition, 225-245

The collaborative research center 653 started in 2005 with the vision of inherently linked components and information. The goal is a fusion between parts and their sensing elements as well as information carrier by a direct integration to the surface. Especially simple mechanical parts gain additional functionality, which allows autonomous condition monitoring during life cycle. The use of electromagnetic waves is investigated here as an approach to realize wired as well as wireless communication structures within the component.

To enable the use of wireless communication in the given scenario, methods are developed which exceed the capabilities of standard RFID technologies. A highly integrated multi-layer composition of electrical and optical components helps to eliminate the physical separation between the component and the related information. The realized wireless communication solution not only allows to transfer data, but also is able to process and store data from integrated sensors. To guarantee an autonomous functionality, an energy harvesting and management concept based on a highly efficient solar cell is investigated. As a requirement for using a solar cell, an optically transparent radio frequency circuit and antenna, that is positioned on top of the solar cell, is developed. For high durability a supercapacitor as well as low-power electrical components are integrated into the communication solution. The investigations necessary to realize this solution are shown in detail.



ISBN 9780128119396
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