Printed Polymer Waveguides for Planar Optronic Systems

Printed Polymer Waveguides for Planar Optronic Systems

Kategorien Konferenz
Jahr 2014
Autoren Wolfer, T.; Overmeyer, L.; Bollgruen, P.; Mager, D.; Korvink, J.
Veröffentlicht in Innovative Printed Smart Objects (IPSO) ARCSIS Gardanne, Frankreich

Planar optronic sensor systems are networks of integrated light sources, detectors and sensors, connected by optical waveguides on flexible polymer films. These sensor networks are realized completely optically for measuring quantities such as temperature, strain or chemical concentration. Applications unfold in structural health monitoring and chemical analysis. Since no electric signals should be used in the detecting area waveguides represent the key element in this concept for signal transmission and the integration of interacting system components. The cost-effective and high-throughput production of polymer waveguides is achieved by utilization of printing processes. By means of flexographic printing waveguides are generated in layers and the results show a minimum width of 20 microns and parabolic cross sections. Inkjet printing is used as a complementary technique to deposit small amounts of materials at specific locations on substrates prestructured by flexographic printing.

We show the structure of printed waveguides in layer systems consisting of core and claddings and demonstrate a low-cost and rapid process for end face preparation by polymer molding.