Polymer Based Planar Optronic Systems

Polymer Based Planar Optronic Systems

Kategorien Konferenz (reviewed)
Jahr 2013
Autoren Overmeyer, L. ; Wolfer, T.; Wang, Y.; Schwenke, A.; Sajti, L.; Roth, B.; Dikty, S.
Veröffentlicht in The 6th International Congress of Laser Advanced Materials Processing (LAMP2013). Niigata, Japan: Japen Laser Processing Society

This paper focuses on current research and development of novel planar optronic systems: fully integrated, large area polymer foils equiped with flexible optical sensor arrays. The sensor foils will purely use optical means for sensing, signal processing and data transmission by e.g. intensity or fre-quency modulation. Such optronic systems will open new fields of application in areas as diverse as medicine or aeronautics, measuring quantities such as temperature and strain as well as allowing for gas analytics by means of spectroscopy.

The scientific goal is to integrate innovative as well as state-of-the-art optical devices and tech-nologies into a single 100 μm thick polymer foil which will allow a distributed, mechanically flexi-ble optical sensor network. New materials with optimized mechanical, optical and thermal properties for the fabrication of polymer-based waveguides, light sources, detectors, spectrometers and sensors will be developed. Research will also include new concepts for signal generation, transmission and data processing in sensor arrays.

We present first results from the Collaborative Research Center “Transregio 123 – Planar Optronic Systems” funded by the German Science Foundation. Emphasis is laid on the printing and preparation of the cost-effective mass-production of optical waveguides using flexo/offset printing technologies, signal enhancement within optical waveguides using laser-generated nano-particles, and optodical integration of electro-optical transducers.