Dispensing and Printing of Polymer Optical Waveguides

Dispensing and Printing of Polymer Optical Waveguides

Kategorien Konferenz (reviewed)
Jahr 2011
Autoren Dumke, M.; Overmeyer, L.; Rieske, R.; Craiovan, D.
Veröffentlicht in World of Photonics Congress 2011, 2nd EOS Conference on Manufacturing of Optical Components. München: European Optical Socitey, 2011

In the course of this article the process of dispensing polymer optical waveguides and the implementation into metallic components surfaces are described in detail. Furthermore, the letter press and aerosol-printing of polymer optical waveguides is explained. Here, preliminary results are shown exemplarily for letter press printing by using a Heidelberger Speedmaster printing machine and for aerosol-printing by using an Optomec-Aerosol Jet machine with pneumatic atomizer.