Cost-efficient Monobore Well Construction for Geothermal Energy

Cost-efficient Monobore Well Construction for Geothermal Energy

Kategorien Konferenz
Jahr 2011
Autoren Bär, F.; Varahram, A.; Hassel, T.; Bach, Fr.-W.; Overmeyer, L.
Veröffentlicht in 16th Annual International Conference on Industrial Engineering Theory, Applications & Practice. Stuttgart: IJIE (International Journal of Industrial Engineering)

The Geothermal Energy and High Performance Drilling Research Program (gebo) targets the development of a new cost-efficient drilling process for deep wells. The basic concept herein is to decrease the well diameter by creating a monobore well. Essential in accomplishing this, is a special type of casings featuring clover-like cross sections, expandable to a cylindrical form when the casing is at its downhole position. This leads to an increase in the drilling speed and less completion work. The handling of these special tubulars with conventional manipulators is rather unfeasible. Therefore, a Casing-Running-Tool (CRT) was modeled in such way so as to be insertable from the upper end and grab the complex shape of the novel folded tubulars from the inside. This tool form provides minimum space requirements while at the same time allowing the tool to descend into the well.

ISBN 978-1-93-466013-3