Design of an Integrated Linear Flux Modulating Motor for a Direct-Drive Belt Conveyo

Design of an Integrated Linear Flux Modulating Motor for a Direct-Drive Belt Conveyo

Kategorien Konferenz
Jahr 2019
Autoren Hoffmann, A.; Kanus, M.; Overmeyer, L.; Ponick, B.
Veröffentlicht in IKMT 2019 - Innovative small Drives and Micro-Motor Systems; 12. ETG/GMM-Symposium, Wuerzburg, Deutschland, pp. 1-6.

This article covers the novel design of a linear hybrid flux modulating motor for direct-driven belt conveyors and gives insight into considerations for manufacturing and system efficiency. In common approaches, belt conveyors are driven by attaching a geared electric machine to one of the drums, using the traction force between the drum and the belt to introduce linear motion. Since the contact area between the belt and the drum is small compared to the total belt surface, the achievable force in contact with the drum is limited. In order to increase the traction force between drum and belt, the tension inside the belt must be increased. The downside is higher mechanical stress and more complex belt designs to withstand the additional force. To overcome the mentioned aspects of common belt conveyors and to lead the way for new material flow models, a novel highly integrated and direct-driven belt conveyor is presented. Furthermore, the designed linear hybrid motor is presented in great detail: Analytical equations are given to determine the motor dimensions for a given moving force. Efficient 3D FEM simulation results are presented, utilizing the symmetric properties of the motor to reduce simulation time considerably. The results are ranging from magnetic flux density distribution to the working point of the permanent magnet. [651]

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