Zeitschriften/Aufsätze (reviewed)

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    DOI: 10.1007/s11740-023-01223-5
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    DOI: 10.1007/s00170-023-12807-x
  • Merkel, P.; Budde, L.; Grajczak, J.; Nowroth, C.; Prasanthan, V.; Kriwall, M.; Lammers, M.; Nothdurft, S.; Hermsdorf, J.; Twiefel, J.; Overmeyer, L.; Kaierle, S.; Wallaschek, J.; Breidenstein, B.; Behrens, B.-A.; Stonis, M. (2023): Feasibility study for the manufacturing of hybrid pinion shafts with the cross-wedge rolling processInt J Mater Form 16, 45
    DOI: 10.1007/s12289-023-01761-4

Konferenz (reviewed)

  • Fütterer, L.; Olsen, E.; Overmeyer, L.; Hohenhoff, G.; Kaierle, S.; Doll, T.; Pott, P.-C. (2023): Microdispenser 3D PrintingTransactions on Additive Manufacturing Meets Medicine Trans. AMMM, 2023, Vol. 5, No 1, Suppl. 1, Article ID 844
    DOI: 10.18416/AMMM.2023.2309844
  • Zander, C.; Fütterer, L,; Olsen, E.; Hohenhoff, G.; Jäschke, P.; Kaierle, S.; Overmeyer, L. (2023): Characterization of polymer waveguides in cavities on 3D substrates manufactured using the Mosquito methodLasers in Manufacturing Conference 2023