Finished projects

Finished research projects of the Institute of Transport and Automation Technology

Additive Manufacturing

  • 3D-CopperPrint
    3D-CopperPrint investigates the use of additive manufacturing (3D printing) for the generation of copper interconnects on adaptive spatial circuit carriers. This process can be used to fabricate hybrid electro-mechanical components as an alternative to existing methods. The approach is based on the application of copper-filled coatings on the surface of three-dimensional objects and the subsequent photothermal laser sintering of the paths.
    Team: Ejvind Olsen
    Year: 2018
    Funding: BMWi, AiF (IGF)
    Duration: 10/2018 – 06/2020

Automation Technology

  • Mittelstand 4.0 competence center Hannover
    The “Mit uns digital! Das Zentrum für Niedersachsen und Bremen” is the first of eleven centers that are currently being developed throughout Germany to support medium-sized enterprises and craftsmen’s businesses in their digital transformation with well-prepared information, examples and qualification.
    Year: 2017
    Funding: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
    Duration: 12/15–11/18

Industry 4.0

Optical Technologies

  • HYMNOS – Hybrid Numerical Optical Simulation
    Numerical methods for the calculation of light distributions in optical media can profit significantly from current trends in computer technology. The aim of this project is therefore the combination of different modeling approaches on different temporal and spatial scales. For this purpose, different aspects from interdisciplinary subject areas in physics and engineering sciences are investigated using models.
    Year: 2015
    Funding: Lower Saxony
    Duration: 10/2015 – 09/2018